Moving further upstairs plus the areas opened out

  • Moving further upstairs plus the areas opened out in to a small sitting area in which developers and fans could have a seat and talk future development for RuneScape. Throughout the day designers for instance Chihiro Yamada, Mark Ogilvie, and much more, sat with RS Gold the experience's community discussing ideas and concepts, whilst taking notes. While you can only guess that many requests were the wild ravings as someone who wants a flying dinosaur pet, it's interesting to determine the dev-team interacting and paying attention to what its audience wants.
    Further highlights for this floor were the VIP gaming locations players could have a seat and play RuneScape live at RuneFest, thus engaging inside an orgy of Jagex, plus the Fairy bar. One of by far the most surreal experiences of gaming came from interviewing COO of RuneScape, Daniel Clough, whilst perched upon a mushroom listening with a rather fetching woman play Buy RS Gold harp nearby. This fantastical area was as bright and vibrant because you may expect for fairy-kind, and when I didn't move along to test my hand out your Halloween crafting rooms, I may have stayed there forever.