Players Embark utilizing a Mysterious Journey to Find Santa

  • RuneScape players shall be able as a part of a trip mystery starting today. Called "The G-Nome Project", activity centers concerning the disappearance of Santa after turning his clockwork gnome into a real boy. This continues the storyplot entered November and RuneScape Gold brings it for your close IF Santa can be acquired.
        If they come to be success finding Santa and saving Christmas, players find some good fiery rewards.
        Through to 8th January, RuneScape also can see the return from your ‘Festive Aura’, that offers players developing a 50% experience boost having an icy cool cosmetic effect. The annual in-game advent calendar is also well underway, so players should visit and Buy RuneScape Gold claim their freebies daily until 25th December.
    In addition, from December 15-18, players can be part of Winter Weekend: Minigames offering you a variety of boosts including extra medals, double commendations and double XP beyond doubt events.