Runefest Continues Strong Presence, Tickets Sold Out

  • Tickets to your Runescape gathering, Runefest, previously sold out plus record a wonderful time to. Additionally, the amount of players utilizing in-game RuneScape Gold currency to have tickets to your fan event rose 10% over much less long ago.
    Runefest shall be held in London, England on October 3rd.
        As using this past year’s event, players who have already been unable to secure their tickets in time will probably be able to see the proceedings live via RuneScape’s Twitch page. RuneFest 2015 is shaping up if you are another exceptional showcase. This autumn’s event will more likely an Invention-themed steampunk spectacular with undertones of vampyric darkness, and Buy RuneScape Gold could include exclusive reveals, Q&A panels, the legendary ‘Golden Gnome’ awards that celebrates fan-made videos about RuneScape, together with celebrations of other nutritional foods RuneScape.