The vacuum system works in several steps


    The work of vacuum system is divided into preparation process, water lifting process and recovery process.

    1. Preparation process

    After opening the drain valve to drain water in the empty tank for the first time, close the drain valve, open the tap water manual inlet valve, and fill the tank with water. When the low water level (low drain pipe) is reached, close the tap water inlet valve and the preparation process is completed. At this point, the water ring vacuum pump has been slightly lower than the opening position of the low drain pipe supply pipe filled with water, can be carried out lifting water operation.

    2. Water lifting process

    In the process of starting the water ring vacuum pump, firstly judge whether the electric valve after the pump is closed and whether the external water level is lower than the pump shell. If these conditions are met, the vacuum system can be started to work, and the air in the pump can be extracted, and then the pump can be started.

    First, start water ring pump, and then open the solenoid valve, solenoid valve pipe connected to the top of the water pump, after pulling the top of the water pump and the air in the pipe is constantly, then water is drawn into the pump outside the pump shell, a mixture of air and water from water ring pump suction from the outlet, the water flows into the vacuum tank to tank water level rising, arrived at a high level, the trigger level switch action. At this time, the automatic control system will automatically close the water ring pump, close the solenoid valve, and end the water lifting process.

    In the working process of the water ring pump, the water in the vacuum tank is continuously supplied to the water ring pump through the water supply pipe. This design saves the consumption of tap water.

    At the same time, open the pump, when the pressure after the pump reaches the closed head of zero flow, after opening the pump, the electric valve gradually increases the water supply flow to the most, after fully opening the electric valve, the pump startup process is completed.

    3. Recovery process

    After the water ring pump is closed, the water level in the vacuum tank decreases continuously due to the existence of low drainage pipe. When the water level reaches the low water level, it stops falling and enters the preparation state of starting again.

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