Powder metallurgy vacuum sintering furnace


    Powder metallurgy vacuum sintering furnace is a time-varying non-linear heating system
    Structure and function of vertical high temperature vacuum sintering furnace system. According to the system requirements and operation process, a distributed and modular DCS control solution is designed. The hardware configuration and software design of the control system are discussed in detail. Real-time monitoring of process operation conditions of production equipment and on-line real-time display of controlled quantity are realized. The control scheme has the characteristics of simple hardware and flexible configuration, and is suitable for small and medium-sized control systems.
    With the continuous development of science and technology, China's industry, national defense, aerospace and other fields have made considerable progress, including the vacuum equipment manufacturing industry whether equipment level, production process, control technology has also been greatly improved. In addition, the continuous improvement of science and technology has also promoted the continuous development of the material field, and some special materials and new materials have been widely used in aviation, aerospace, military industry, energy, chemical industry and other fields. Vacuum heat treatment technology plays an increasingly important role in the production of these special materials and new materials.
    In view of the time-varying, large lag and non-linear characteristics of powder metallurgy vacuum sintering furnace, the PID control effect is not ideal, and the fuzzy control algorithm is selected. The simulation models of PID control and fuzzy control are established and compared. The results show that the response speed of the system is very fast, the steady-state time is only 3.2 seconds, there is no overshoot, the steady-state error is 1.2 C, and the steady-state accuracy is very high. The output of the system simulation is close to the given input waveform, the system regulation time is short, the system quickly enters the stable state, and the oscillation is very small. Small. Fuzzy control is superior to traditional PID control and can meet the temperature control requirements of powder metallurgy vacuum sintering furnace.
    Powder metallurgy vacuum sintering furnace is a time-varying, large lag, non-linear heating system. Because of the complexity of its physical and chemical mechanism, there are many influencing factors, so it is difficult to obtain an accurate mathematical model. When the parameters change greatly and the control precision is required high, the general PID control effect is very unsatisfactory. Fuzzy control does not require the system to give an accurate mathematical model. According to the actual experience of human beings, control rules are formulated and control decision tables are made. The system is controlled according to the decision tables. It is especially suitable for sintering furnace, which is a complex industrial production object. The main factors affecting the quality of products in sintering process are sintering temperature and sintering time. Especially, the requirement of temperature is very strict. The maximum temperature difference is not allowed to exceed the given value of ~3 ~5. Therefore, it must be strictly controlled.