Roots rotary unit application range


    The Roots rotary vane unit has the characteristics of high vacuum and wide range of pumping speed. It is suitable for pumping out dry and clean gas. Let's take a look at its scope of application:
    Roots rotary vane unit is widely used in vacuum smelting, power capacitors, transformer vacuum heat treatment, pre-extraction of vacuum coating equipment, electric vacuum semiconductor and other industries to remove oxygen-containing, non-explosive, metal-free in closed containers. Non-corrosive, does not react chemically with pump oil.
    The rate is 30 to 1200 L / S (liter / sec); the ultimate pressure is 0.05 Pa (Pa); gas type, clean air without other mixture at room temperature, air with other dust and moisture is not allowed; work requirements, imported pressure Continuous working time at more than 6500Pa allows continuous operation for a long period of time.
    The Roots rotary vane unit is suitable for pumping air and other non-condensable, non-corrosive gases. It is widely used in various vacuum systems that require high pumping speeds and low and high vacuum. For example: vacuum smelting, steel liquid degassing, vacuum sintering, dynamic vacuum acquisition in large space simulation test, power capacitor, transformer vacuum immersion treatment, fluorescent tube, automatic exhaust on the bulb production line, continuous exhaust of the thermos bottle , pre-extraction in vacuum coating equipment, pumping in magnesium reduction process, degassing in single crystal silicon refining process, and the like.
    Only by understanding the application range of the Roots rotary unit can you use it better. I hope that the content shared above will help you.



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