Vacuum High Temperature Atmosphere Furnace


    Notices for Vacuum High Temperature Atmosphere Furnace
    What are the precautions for the vacuum high temperature atmosphere furnace? The following is a detailed description of the eleventh characteristics of the vacuum high temperature atmosphere furnace by Liyu Xiaobian.
    1. Except for those who want to do experiments, other people should not stay in the high temperature furnace tube area.
    2. When the experiment is finished, if no one continues to use it, please turn off the special gas, keep N2 flowing, keep the furnace tube at standby temperature, and check if there are other power sources that should be turned off, such as clean hood lights, small electric stoves for boiling acid or other, turn off at will.
    3. When dealing with HF, please wear gloves. If you accidentally encounter HF, please flush immediately, add 2% water with calcium gluconate, rub the scratch 15'.
    4. Quartz glass products should be used carefully so as not to break and cause serious cuts.
    5. Avoid inhaling all kinds of gases from the furnace or treatment tank.
    6. Potassium cyanide (KCN) should not be mixed with acids because they can produce highly toxic KCN gases.
    7. If anything is found to hinder safety, please inform the relevant personnel (technicians, etc.).
    8. Please save the consumption of pure water.
    9. Broken wafers, filter paper, cotton sticks, etc. Do not fall into the bottom drainage hole of the cleaning tank, in order to avoid the floor waterlogging caused by poor drainage.
    10. The front end of the long and short putters should be facing up before they are used to avoid contamination.
    11. When wafer enters and exits the furnace mouth, take boat holder. Do not touch the furnace mouth, so as not to pollute the furnace tube.
    The above is a few notes for vacuum high temperature atmosphere furnace. If you have more questions about vacuum high temperature atmosphere furnace, you can contact us directly.

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