Reasons for Overload of Vacuum Pump


    Combining the installation form and working principle of DVE vacuum pump, the reasons of overload and low efficiency of DVE vacuum pump are analyzed.
    (1) Influences of basic installation on equipment body.
    The quality of equipment foundation installation has a great influence on the quality of equipment operation. The improper placement of cushion iron may easily cause the suspension of foot bolts in all parts of the equipment. In the process of alignment and fastening, the suspension of cushion iron will cause the deformation of cross head slideway in crankcase, and the blockage of cross head during reciprocating operation in the slideway will increase the load.
    The structure design of W5 reciprocating DVE vacuum pump is that the cylinder block is at one end of the body, and the weight of the cylinder block is heavier after adding piston and intake and exhaust valves. If the lower support or upper hanger of the cylinder block is not taken into account in the basic design, the cylinder block will be in a suspension state. Because of the weight of the cylinder block, the deformation of the crankcase slideway and the poor concentricity of the cylinder block and slideway will result in the reciprocating operation of the When the piston is blocked and the piston is blocked during reciprocating operation in the cylinder, the load increases.
    According to the above analysis, it is found that the cylinder end of DVE vacuum pump is slightly lower than the crankcase end, the cylinder end pad iron is less, and the cross head slideway is deformed after fastening the foot bolt, which causes the cross head to be blocked in the slideway and the piston to run back and forth in the cylinder and causes the load to increase, which is one of the causes of motor overheating.
    (2) Coking of cylinder block and valve
    Influenced by the process, the cylinder block and valve body of reciprocating pump are easy to coke, and the coking of cylinder block and piston will cause the piston to be blocked in reciprocating operation in the cylinder block, resulting in an increase in load; the coking of valve body will cause blocked exhaust, inadequate closure of valve plates, increased load and low vacuum; the coking of the remaining clearance of the cylinder block will also cause the piston to collide with the cylinder, and the coking phenomenon of both cylinder block and valve plates is found by inspection. This is the main reason for the low vacuum.



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