Pick Cold Stainless Steel Laundry Sink Will Ignore The Cold Kno

  • In the kitchen decoration, the sink looks a little inconspicuous, but always makes a lot of people tangled, buy a single slot or double slot? What material to buy? Small sinks are also available in a variety of categories, but not just a single "stainless steel" can be summed up, so the choice of Stainless Steel Laundry Sink will ignore the cold knowledge?

    First, what materials are there in the sink?

    1. Stainless steel is the most common and most affordable type of sink material. Matte brushed panels are resistant to dirt and abrasion. They can be wiped clean directly with steel balls, while bright stainless steel sinks are more likely to leave fingerprints and water stains.

    2. The artificial stone sink can be seamlessly connected with the kitchen countertop. The texture is more delicate and at the same time, it is also very convenient to clean and care. This kind of material is not afraid of hot, not easy to dye, and there is no glass glue to affect the appearance, but wild. Relatively weak

    3. Cast iron enamel sink is more suitable for literary home decoration style. It is resistant to acid and alkali and strong material. However, the texture is especially strong at the same time. It is easy to break during handling. The biggest disadvantage of cast iron enamel is that it is easy to smear, especially oil. The most difficult to clean on enamel

    The choice of three types of materials: stainless steel, artificial stone and cast iron enamel are the three most common types of water tanks, of which stainless steel is the most versatile, the latter two are more limited by the style of decoration, such as acrylic or quartz stone countertops and artificial stone sinks. With a white Nordic style kitchen with a cast iron enamel sink, the sink material can be selected according to the kitchen style.

    Second, choose single or double?

    1. The large single-slot sink has a relatively large capacity, which can easily be installed in the cauldron for cleaning. There is no trouble that the pot is placed on the edge, but the sink function is not partitioned and the use is relatively simple.

    2. Double trough, functional partition is clear, one wash, or used for soaking, is conducive to "both sides start working" but the double-slot single area is too small to wash too much

    3. Single-slot dishwasher and dishwasher sink are compatible. The sink dishwasher is out of the traditional concept, and the washing and washing function is directly fixed, which greatly increases the convenience of cleaning. Practicality, but the price is high.