What Are The Purchase Criteria For China Stainless Steel Sink

  • The position of the sink in the kitchen is self-evident, cooking three meals a day, washing fruits and so on. At present, the sinks on the market are mostly made of stainless steel. The general family also uses stainless steel sinks as the first choice for decoration. But how to choose a satisfactory China Stainless Steel Sink ?

    High-grade stainless steel sinks are generally imported 304 stainless steel, which is demagnetized and does not contain magnetism; while low-grade sinks use 202 or even 201 stainless steel, which is much lower in hardness and three-dimensional than 304 stainless steel. Most of the brand's stainless steel sinks are made of 304 stainless steel. For example, Moen's ultra-large sink, which is 814cm long, can accommodate a child of two years old, not to mention washing the kitchen utensils.

    Now there are many kinds of surface treatment processes for stainless steel sinks, such as drawing, mirroring, sanding, etc. It cannot be said separately which process is good. Each process has its own advantages. For example, the drawing process has high requirements on steel plates, but it is easy to draw. Trace; the matte surface is not as good as brushed gloss, but it is not easy to scratch. American standard of this sink, 720cm long, the surface is brushed, the gloss is softer, during the event, the price is only about a thousand dollars, more affordable.

    The low-grade water tank has a low surface treatment process, generally only pearl silver surface and matte. The overall difficulty and cost of the two processes are low, so some small manufacturers can also do it, which causes the quality of the stainless steel sink to be uneven. The phenomenon.

    Flatness is the most intuitive standard for checking the quality and grade of the sink. When purchasing, the owner can keep the line of sight and the plane of the sink consistent, and observe the surface to judge. For example, this round sink of IKEA has a good flatness and a diameter of 45cm. It is small in size, but it can basically satisfy daily life for the average family.

    It is reasonable to pay for the price of one point. In addition to the stainless steel sink with a very small size, the price of the high-grade water tank of normal specifications is generally more than five or six hundred. For the owners of the first renovation, the comparison between the two can directly see the difference in weight and surface technology.