Why Is The Stainless Steel Laundry Sink Blocked?

  • Today, I would like to share with you a super practical. Quickly solve the problem of sink blockage. The most important thing is not to spend money.. Right?. It should be said that it costs a penny to buy a straw. It can be solved. Then we nonsense Not much to say. I feel that the Stainless Steel Laundry Sink clears the blockage!

    Materials needed: straws & scissors

    The length of the straw I think the longer the better... the size of the hole. Look at the size of the hole in the sink. I think the ordinary size can be as usual. The pearl milk tea habit is too big, then use scissors. Cut it. But don't cut it short. It has the shape of a gear.

    Then prepare the straw that you just cut. Insert it into the mouth of the sink. Then use the water to make a few twists. Turn the straw. Then pull it out. Then you will see a lot of hair and some unknown objects follow.

    It is best to wear a glove. Then pull out the unidentified object. Because these things are actually stuck together. So mainly use the straw to hook out a part. The rest will be uprooted, and then your cleaning will be perfect. Unstoppable

    nitty gritty
    Then, it is to explain to everyone. Pay attention to the small details. The direction of the straw is inserted into the sink... The pointed edge is upward. The principle is to use the gear cut out of the straw to hook these unidentified objects.. So if the direction is wrong, it will not be hooked.