Stainless Steel Sink Manufacturers Share Details Of Building A

  • Stainless Steel Sink Manufacturers share the process notes for installing the laundry and the role of the frequency converter
    First, the installation of the machine:

    1. When determining the installation location of the laundry room, the location of the transportation channel, raw material turnover, water intake, steam inlet and sewer pipe should be considered.
    2. The machine should be mounted on a solid foundation.
    3. The machine needs to be level when installed.
    4. Open the electrical control cabinet door of the laundry room, and connect the 380V three-phase power line and neutral line according to the binding post.
      5. According to the label of the body, connect the inlet pipe and the steam pipe accordingly. If there is no steam condition, the inlet port can be blocked. If steam heating is used, install pressure indicating devices and safety devices at the obvious location of the steam main pipe outside the machine.

    Second, note:

    1. Before starting the machine, please confirm that the liner lock of the washing machine has been locked to prevent accidents.
    2. Do not expose to the sun or put it on the coal stove.
    3. For safety, the control cabinet and motor must be grounded.
    4. When washing plush, wool fabric, fine chemical fiber, socks, gauze, bandage, etc., it should be placed in the gauze pocket.

    The main function of the inverter of the laundry equipment is to be able to adjust the polarity of the rotation speed. Whether it is washing or dry cleaning, it is the most basic process of washing and dehydration. The general washing speed is 35 rpm, the high-speed rotation speed is 650 rpm, and the rotation speed is nearly 20 times different. Generally, the speed will change exponentially from the washing speed to the high speed. This will cause huge vibration, increased noise and shortened machine life for the main shaft, drum and frame of the laundry equipment. The laundry room equipped with the inverter, the inverter will achieve non-polarity control of the speed, and the speed will increase linearly with time, thus avoiding the resonance of the machine during the shifting process, reducing vibration, reducing noise and prolonging the life of the equipment.