What Are The Styles Of Stainless Steel Kitchen Cabinets?

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    First, the cabinet style
    The layout of the cabinets is divided into four types: one-line type, L-shaped, U-shaped, and island-type. The layout is different, and the corresponding usage space and crowd are different.

    • One-line cabinet:
      The cabinet is placed along a wall and work is done on this line. This compact, effective narrow design is suitable for small and medium-sized families and one person.
    • L type cabinet:
      L-shaped cabinets are ideal for small spaces. By dividing the working area between the walls connected on both sides in this way, an ideal working triangle can be obtained.
    • U-shaped cabinet:
      U-shaped cabinets make it easy to access every item, maximizing the use of space for cooking and storage, and the two can easily work in the kitchen at the same time.
    • Island type cabinet:
      There are more operating tables and storage spaces for multiple people to operate at the same time. Need a lot of kitchen space. Make sure there is enough walking and operating space between the kitchen cabinet and the kitchen island. When choosing the cabinet style, the owner needs to consider the layout, size, style and usage habits of the kitchen. However, in general, the one-line and L-shaped layout is more suitable for small-sized kitchen decoration, U-shaped is easy to make the kitchen look very crowded, and the island-type kitchen is generally suitable for large open kitchens.

    Second, the cabinet material

    The cabinets are mainly composed of cabinet plates, countertops and hardware. Different materials have different characteristics, and their prices are also different. When purchasing, you need to consider your own requirements and economic conditions.

    The following focuses on the types and characteristics of cabinet panels and countertops.

    • Cabinet plate:

    The door panel is the first impression of the whole cabinet. Its color, texture and design directly affect the overall visual effect of the cabinet. Different door panel materials can also meet the needs of different consumers. The fire board is fashionable and the solid wood board is high-end. At the time of renovation, start with your own situation and choose the best materials.

    Solid wood board

    Usually the price is higher. It can guarantee the special visual effect of solid wood and ensure the strength of the door panel.

    1. Fire board

    The color is brighter, with the advantages of wear resistance, high temperature resistance, penetration resistance, easy cleaning, moisture resistance and affordable price. The disadvantage is that the door panel is a flat plate, and it is impossible to create a three-dimensional effect such as bumps and metal.

    1. Blister board

    The door panels are rich in color, realistic in wood grain, pure in color, and have the advantages of not being easy to crack, scratching, heat, stain, and fading.

    1. Metal plate

    It has excellent wear resistance, high temperature resistance, corrosion resistance, simple daily maintenance, fine texture, easy to clean and long life.

    1. Painted board

    The color is bright and easy to shape, beautiful and fashionable, and has good waterproof performance, strong anti-pollution ability and easy to clean. The shortcomings are afraid of bumps and scratches, and the damage is difficult to repair.

    • Cabinet countertop

    The countertops of cabinets are generally divided into four categories: natural stone, artificial stone, quartz stone and stainless steel. Generally, natural stone and artificial stone countertops are the most common. Countertops are the places with the most contact with various ingredients, so the beauty and stain resistance and durability are also measured. One of the most critical elements of performance.

    Artificial stone countertop

    The surface is smooth and hairless, and it has strong stain resistance and is easy to clean and care. With the texture and luster of natural stone, as well as good plasticity, it can achieve seamless splicing and is highly repairable.

    However, the hardness is low, the scratch resistance is poor, and it is easy to change color.

    1. Natural stone countertops

    The pattern is harmonious and beautiful; the texture is hard, the scratch resistance is very outstanding, the wear resistance is good; the length of the stone is short, the long table top needs to be spliced, and the seam is obvious.

    However, the density is large, hard and hard, the elasticity is insufficient, the pollution is easy to penetrate, and there is a certain amount of radioactivity.

    1. Quartz stone countertops

    The material is natural, high in hardness, corrosion resistant and high temperature resistant, and the texture is rich and beautiful.

    However, the shape is relatively simple, expensive, and the price is not high.

    1. Stainless steel countertops

    Long service life, durable; easy to clean, always bright and new; can be welded with stainless steel sink.

    The disadvantage is that it is not resistant to scratching, and it is easy to be scratched by sharp objects; the plasticity is poor, and there is no reasonable and effective treatment means at each corner portion and each joint portion of the cabinet countertop.

    The most commonly used in the cabinet market is the artificial stone countertops. In addition, natural stone (marble, granite), quartz stone and stainless steel countertops also occupy a certain market ratio. In addition, there are also fireproof board tops, solid wood countertops and other materials. Solid wood countertops and fireproof countertops are relatively rare due to poor moisture resistance and easy deformation.