Stainless Steel Sink Manufacturers Share How To Choose The Righ

  • Whether the kitchen supplies are good or not and the design is reasonable, directly affects the efficiency of cooking and washing, especially the sink. If the design is not reasonable or is not suitable for your actual situation, it will waste a lot of time when cleaning the dishes. At present, the water tanks on the market are mainly divided into two types: single tank and double tank. The following Stainless Steel Sink Manufacturers analyze their respective advantages and disadvantages.

    Single slot:

    Advantages: The single area of ​​a single tank is large, it is convenient to clean large kitchen utensils, and the space occupied by a single tank is relatively small, which is suitable for a small kitchen area.

    Disadvantages: The functional partition is not obvious and cannot be cleaned separately. There is no place to put the cleaned kitchenware, which is more troublesome.

    Double slot:

    The double-slots are versatile in shape, have the same shape and shape, and have different shapes and shapes.

    Advantages: The function of the double-slot is obvious, and it can save two times at the same time, saving time and effort.

    Disadvantages: large area, not suitable for small kitchens. Moreover, the area of ​​the double groove is generally small, and it is inconvenient to clean large kitchen pieces such as wok.

    Therefore, when purchasing the sink, we have to choose according to our kitchen space. The large-sized apartment is recommended to use double sinks. The size of the double sinks used in the market is 800*450 and 780*430mm. Of course, some people will customize different sizes according to their own countertops. Small units are recommended to choose a single tank. Generally, the size of a single sink on the market is 650*450 and 680*460mm. Moreover, the large single basin on the market is no less than the double tank, and the large single basin will be equipped with a drain basket, so that the washed dishes can be drained on top.