How To Install China Stainless Steel Sink Reasonably?

  • The kitchen is a headache area during the decoration process. There is a choice of a kitchen sink, and there are three choices: the above counter basin, the Taichung basin and the under counter basin. Which method is better to install a China Stainless Steel Sink ? As well as considering the load-bearing and installation space when installing, let's take a look.

    1.Above counter basin

    The above counter basin is the default installation method for the cabinets. The diameter of the mouth is larger than the opening of the countertop of the cabinet. When installing, the glass glue can be directly fixed on the table surface. If it is broken, the glass glue can be removed, and the glass glue can be directly taken up from the table top.

    Advantages: The above-ground basin is easy to install, and it is convenient to repair after the problem occurs later; the space left under the sink can be about 3 cm higher than the under-basin.

    Disadvantages: Inconvenient in the later stage, the position of the sink and the table top is sealed with glass glue. After a long time, the glass glue is prone to mold, black, the water tank is tilted, and leaks into the cabinet along the gap.

    1. Taichung basin

    The Taichung basin is also called flat-embedded. According to the size of the sink installation side, the countertop of the cabinet is polished to a layer, and the sink and the countertop are used as a plane.

    Advantages: This installation method is beautiful, and the height of the sink and the counter top is flush, and the cleaning is relatively convenient.

    Disadvantages: The installation process of the Taichung basin is more complicated, and the cost of the platform grinding is more; the gap between the sink and the platform is still a dead angle, and it is easy to leave the residue of the rice residue, which breeds bacteria and is not easy to clean.

    1. Under counter basin

    Advantages: The under counter basin is easy to clean, easy to clean, and it is simple, beautiful and generous.

    Disadvantages: Relatively speaking, the installation of the under-basin is more troublesome. It is necessary to install the sink under the countertop of the cabinet. The countertop and the inner edge of the sink open a hole of the same size, and the gap is bonded with an adhesive. The extra cost will be more expensive than the above counter basin, which is similar to the Taichung basin.

    1. About bearing

    In general, the above-ground basins and Taichung basins are better than the under-basin basins, and some people question the load-bearing capacity of the under-basin basins.

    Here are three protection measures for falling down the basin:

    1. Glass glue, but the glass glue is not strong enough, mainly for waterproofing.
      2. Countertop glue treatment process between the basin and the countertop (applied by liquid, it will cool and solidify, and it will bond and position. After sticking, it can not be rubbed by hand).
      3. The "7"-shaped quartz stone strip is used as a hook-shaped weight-bearing treatment. In general, the sink does not need to put a lot of things, simply wash the dishes and wash the fruits, the weight is not a problem.
    2. About space

    After installing the under counter basin, how much space is left below?

    1. If your home is just a pot of oil, put a pot, don't worry.
      2. However, if you want to add a small kitchen treasure and a water purifier, you need to pay attention. The same sink is 2~3 cm shorter than the space below the table.
      3. If you want to install a garbage disposer, it is best to use a shock-absorbing base to fix and support the entire device, which can increase the service life.