Stainless Steel Sink Manufacturers Reminds You Not To Pursue Th

  • Since consumers can't identify the good or bad of stainless steel materials themselves, how should consumers choose? Stainless Steel Sink Manufacturers may wish to start with other factors that determine the price of stainless steel sinks, such as the size of the sink, the thickness of the sheet, the depth of the sink, and the manufacturing process.

    1. The size of the sink is determined by the kitchen space. Generally speaking, the larger the size of the sink, the higher the price. However, when consumers choose, they can't just buy big ones. They should choose according to the actual size of the kitchen. Choose a single pot, double pot or multi pot.
    2. Do not pursue thick plates. The thickness of the plate is mainly 0.8-1.2 mm on the market. The salesperson of the ink tank sink told the reporter, "The sinks here are all above 1.0 mm, and several are 1.2 (mm) thick. Yang Changqiang told reporters that although the thickness of the stainless steel sink is very important, it can not blindly pursue the thickness of the sheet. Under normal circumstances, the sheet of 1.0 mm thick sink is enough. Too thick, too high strength is not necessarily a good thing, such as accidentally dropping the bowl into the sink, the result is too high hardness of the sink to break the bowl.
    3. The depth of the sink depends on the cabinet space. The slotting depth of the sink is also an important factor related to its price. The deeper the slot is, the higher the cost is. However, consumers should pay attention to the space of the cabinet when purchasing. In addition, the larger the space inside the water tank, the higher the utilization rate, and the utility of such a water tank is also better.
    4. The production process is also about price. The price of the surface of the sink, such as drawing, polishing, pearl silver, etc., will vary. Yang Changqiang believes that the sink made by the polishing process is relatively inferior in wear resistance; the drawn product is much better in this respect. The pearl silver sink looks like a higher grade, but the process is not easy to identify. For example, the product with a silver coating on the surface is not as good as the ordinary stainless steel sink.
    5. Use a magnet for inspection. Yang Changqiang reminded that although the magnet can not determine the quality of stainless steel products, non-magnetic can not be determined to be good stainless steel, but magnetic is certainly not a good steel.
    6. Although the accessories are small, the relationship is significant. Another very important factor in choosing a sink is the accessories. The good and bad of the fittings are directly related to the cost of maintenance in the future. The sealing degree and corrosion resistance of the lower water pipes are the main factors that determine whether the water leaks in the future; Extrusion seal, table-controlled dewatering (that is, a device with a knob on the sink surface to control sealing or drainage), overflow device, and muffler series are all criteria for measuring the quality of accessories. All need special attention.