Please properly handle the stainless steel kitchen sink blockag

  • We all know that the kitchen sink usually washes dishes, washes dishes, and some leftovers are easy to block the sink. What should I do if the Stainless Steel Kitchen Sink is blocked? There may be many people who have such problems. Especially housewives. Learn more about what to do in the kitchen sink. If you encounter such problems in the future, you can solve them quickly!

    Some friends found that the kitchen sink was blocked, and they liked to use a wooden stick. This is definitely a big mistake. It will not only solve the problem, but also become more and more solid. If it is a vertical down pipe, we can bend the front of the wire into a small hook, then remove the drainer and use the wire to hook the impurities out. If it has not been solved, first enlarge the water in the sink with a half basin of water, then put a group of rags into a ball, press the rag on the sink drain in the water with both hands, press it up and down like artificial respiration, usually small problems can be fixed, of course Can be solved with leather tweezers.

    If the blockage is relatively strong, then we can shake the pipe dredger by hand to clear it. The method of use is to first turn the anti-rotation screw counterclockwise, then pull the spring out and put it into the downpipe, always reach the obstacle, then pull out the spring about 10 cm, tighten the screw, select the handle, and apply Pressure, when fully in, loosen the screw and pull out the 10 cm spring... This way, repeatedly move until you feel the handle is easy, indicating that it has passed through the obstruction and then slowly pulled up, so the problem can be solved. This can be solved when the sink pipe or the toilet pipe is blocked.