Why China Stainless Steel Sink Will Be Sought After By People

  • China Stainless Steel Sink can have a high-grade design, a perfect structure, and a humanized design concept. It is more convenient to store water, humanized overflow hole design, non-sticky oil, beautiful and economical, and take care of your family's health. How to design its size?

    Generally, China's stainless steel sinks have single slots, double slots, understage, and water retainers. Also pay attention to whether the holes are opened in the sink when purchasing, because these holes are installed with faucets and soap dispensers. If you have already bought the sink faucet, you should choose the right sink according to the faucet. What kind of integrated sink is the quality?
    (1) Hole position - rear position, center position, side position
    The rear position is best, so that there is more space in the lower part of the cabinet. The side position is second.

    (2) Material - hardness, gloss
    Generally it is 301, 304, 430 stainless steel. 304DDQ stainless steel is the best. Lightweight, wear resistant, high temperature resistant, resistant to aging, and rust free.

    (3) Thickness - overall stiffness
    Generally it is 0.7~1mm.

    (4) Edge - thin side, narrow side, straight side.
    Generally, the side height is <4mm, the side width is <20mm, which is the best, which can make the table top smooth, prevent side leakage, and the effective volume of the basin.

    (5) Verticality of the basin wall - vertical pelvic floor, arc angle.
    The vertical angle is the best, so that the effective area of ​​the pelvic floor is large and easy to operate.

    (6) Depth - shallow, deep
    Generally >180mm is the best, the basin is deep, the washing volume is large, and the splashing water is used.

    (7) Flatness - the most intuitive standard of quality and grade.
    Generally should be between + 0.1mm, reflecting the processing accuracy and aesthetics.

    (8) Lower water pipe fittings - fitting precision
    The hard PP/PVC material is the best, with the same life as the integrated sink, anti-clogging, no water leakage.

    (9) Water separator - steel ball positioning, rubber extrusion, spiral extrusion.
    The steel ball is positioned optimally, it is convenient to store water quickly, and the water is automatically filtered.