Share The Selection Criteria For Stainless Steel Laundry Sink

  • Stainless Steel Laundry Sink come in a variety of styles, including single-slot, double-slot, under-counter, and water-blocking. Also, when purchasing, pay attention to whether there are holes in the sink, because these holes are installed with faucets and soap dispensers.

    Standards for testing the quality of stainless steel laundry sinks:

    1. Hole position: The rear position, the middle position and the rear position are the best, which can make more space in the lower part of the cabinet.
    2, material: 304 stainless steel is the best, it has the advantages of light, wear-resistant, high temperature resistance, aging resistance, no rust.
    3. Thickness: The overall stiffness is generally 0.7-1mm.
    4. Edge: The edge of the sink is generally divided into a thin side, a narrow side, and a straight side. Generally, the edge height <4mm and the side width <20mm are the best, so that the table surface is flat, the side leakage is prevented, and the effective volume of the basin is large.
    5. Verticality of the basin wall: The verticality of the basin wall of the sink is the best vertical angle, so that the effective area of ​​the basin bottom is large and convenient for operation.
    6, depth: the shallow and deep of the sink is generally >180mm, so that the basin is deep, large washing, splash-proof.
    7. Flatness: The flatness of the water tank is the most intuitive standard of quality and grade. It should be between +0.1mm, which is reflected in the processing precision and beautiful appearance.
    8. Lower water pipe fittings: The precision of the fittings of the water tank is the best for PP/PVC material. These materials are anti-blocking and no water leakage.
    9. Water device: The water tank of the water tank is best positioned by steel balls, which can conveniently and quickly store water and automatically filter water.