How To Install Floor-Standing Stainless Steel Bathroom Cabinet

  • Nowadays, people will pay attention to the decoration of the bathroom. In order to make the contents of the bathroom have a better storage space, the bathroom cabinet has become a choice for many consumers. And the highly decorative bathroom cabinets also make the monotonous bathroom radiant. There are many kinds of materials for bathroom cabinets. Today we will take a look at how to install floor-standing Stainless Steel Bathroom Cabinet .

    1. Lay the main cabinet horizontally and screw the foot on the fixed piece.
      Confirm the installation height of the bathroom cabinet: the standard installation height of the general bathroom cabinet is 80~85cm, which is calculated from the floor tile to the upper part of the wash basin. The specific installation height is determined according to the height and usage habits of the family members, but It is most suitable within the standard height range.
    2. Place the main cabinet to the installation position and adjust the anchor screw to the level.
      3. After the main cabinet is installed, put the basin into the basin and adjust it to level.
      4. The installation method of the side cabinet and the shelf is the same as that of the hanging bathroom cabinet.
      5, the makeup mirror installation: according to the makeup mirror back hole installation specifications hole in the wall, into the expansion tube, and then screw the expansion tube into the appropriate depth, hang the bath mirror.
      6. Connect the water in and out, check the airtightness, and clean the site.

    The installation of the floor-standing stainless steel bathroom cabinet is simpler than that of the stainless steel hanging bathroom cabinet, but it should also be noted when installing. Do not blindly install it yourself.