Stainless Steel Laundry Cabinet Installation Precautions

  • The laundry cabinet, also called the balcony cabinet, is compatible with the drum washing machine, the laundry sink, the locker or the drawer, and the wall hanging cabinet. This integration can make the balcony space more effective. Nowadays, more and more owners choose custom Stainless Steel Laundry Cabinet , and at the same time, the finished laundry cabinets as a member of the bathroom products, gradually enter the Nanning market. Washing cabinets on the balcony must be protected from rain, moisture, water, sun and humanized design.

    1, the demand for heating, the laundry cabinet products frequently
    Although every household has a washing machine, there are always some clothes in the house that need to be hand-washed, such as children's clothing, underwear, and some old people are also used to hand washing. In the past, the renovation of new homes lacked this consideration. As a result, when it was necessary to wash the clothes, it was only in the bathroom or occupying the wash basin or the mop pool, which was somewhat inconvenient, and the laundry cabinet was to solve this problem.

    2, humanized design, laundry cabinet adds home perfection
    The small laundry cabinet has penetrated many humanized designs, and the high and low basin design is favored by the owners. The height of a woman is generally about 160 cm. The washing machine should be put down with a washing machine. The total height should be above 90 cm (the height of the drum washing machine is generally 82-86 cm. At present, the washing machine cannot be placed in the washing machine). If a woman is under 160 cm in height, it will be uncomfortable to use at a height of 90 cm. The treatment of the high and low basins is to keep the washing machine part at a height of 90 cm, but the pool is made 5 cm lower - the female face is 85 cm high and the hand laundry is calm.

    Of course, this design is not a dead standard. The owner can fine-tune the size according to his height, which involves custom laundry cabinets. The laundry cabinet has a left basin and a right basin. The basin is on the left and the washing machine is on the right. The design is mainly based on the fact that the orientation of the laundry cabinet is different. The washing machine is ideally adjacent to the balcony door.

    3, install the laundry cabinet to talk about conditions
    The laundry cabinet is convenient and not suitable for every family. First of all, we must look at the width of the balcony. The width of the laundry cabinet is at least 1 meter. However, the balcony width of some apartments in Nanning is less than 1 meter. Second, it depends on whether the residential property allows the balcony to be closed. This is because if you buy a wood-based laundry cabinet, you must have a rain-proof sunscreen.