Advantages Of Stainless Steel Bathroom Cabinet

  • The bathroom cabinet is the necessary building material in the home decoration. The key points of Xiaobian are shared with everyone about the stainless steel bathroom cabinet. The bathroom is a relatively humid place. The stainless steel bathroom cabinet uses metal materials for the cabinet and the foot. There are still advantages, let's take a look at the advantages of Stainless Steel Bathroom Cabinet .

    1, metal high-foot design, moisture is not close
    We all know that the bathroom is a relatively humid place, so the bottom of the bathroom cabinet is best not to use wooden materials, it is easy to get wet, moldy damage; even as time goes on, it will lead the moisture to the cabinet, eventually Will cause the entire bathroom cabinet to be deformed. The stainless steel bathroom cabinet is different. The cabinet and the foot are made of metal material, and there is no moisture in the case, and the whole cabinet is waterproof and rustproof and durable.

    2, the bottom leakage, the bottom plate are waterproof, double protection
    Nowadays, the whole bathroom cabinets that are often seen and used are the sinks, basins and cabinets. Because the basins are the carriers that carry out the waste water, the water pipes under the basins will pass through the bottom plates and enter the underground, basins. The condensed water in the room will also be immersed in the bottom of the cabinet from the edge of the cutting edge of the board, so that the bottom of the bathroom cabinet is deformed by moisture. As long as the waterproof bottom drain is installed at the pipe outlet at the bottom of the pool, the service life of the stainless steel bathroom cabinet can be extended.

    3, stainless steel material waterproof, blocking moisture
    Most of the family's bathrooms are not wet and dry, so the overall space of the bathroom will be more serious, so you must consider the waterproof problem when selecting the bathroom cabinet. The stainless steel bathroom cabinet is fireproof, wear-resistant, moisture-proof and waterproof, so it is suitable for small-sized home bathrooms.

    4, waterproof aluminum foil, against condensation
    When bathing in the bathroom, careful people will find that the bathroom inside the basin, faucet and other hardware will produce a lot of condensed water when it encounters hot air, and the water will flow along the table to the bottom of the cabinet, which is more likely to cause mold in the cabinet. Deformation. In order to avoid such problems, it is recommended to add a layer of waterproof aluminum foil or rubber mat to the bottom of the cabinet, and put them on the bottom of the drawer to protect the bath on the stainless steel bathroom cabinet while protecting against moisture.