Stainless Steel Kitchen Cabinets

  • First, the skill of choosing Stainless Steel Kitchen Cabinets :
    1. Material. The quality of stainless steel kitchenware directly affects the quality of cabinets. Cabinet main material has an artificial stone, marble, fire prevention board, stainless steel products and so on. Each material has its own advantages and disadvantages. You can choose according to your own needs. For example, if you like the metallic texture, choose stainless steel. If you have limited funds, then choose the economical type, fire prevention board is most suitable for you. If you prefer to have a beautiful appearance, choose an artificial stone and adjust the color according to your wishes.

    2. Accessories. The quality of hardware fittings is also an important indicator that affects the quality of cabinets. Cabinet accessories include hinges, slide rails, functional hardware, and connectors. Functional hardware mainly depends on the thickness and thinness of the pole, the thickness, and thinness of the coating and the number of layers of the coating. Slide rails can be divided into damping and no - damping. Of course, damping is more expensive. The hinge is the connection between the door panel and cabinet body, and it is the most frequently used part of cabinet accessories, so a big brand with good quality should be selected.

    3. Work. I believe many people think that work is a very important standard to measure the quality of a product. The key point is to see if the sealing edge of the cabinet and the sealing strip of the cabinet body have been molded by the machine, and the sealing strip is still intact.

    4. Environmental protection. This is mainly due to the fact that the selected materials are not environmentally friendly. Whether the harmful substances exceed the standard, etc.

    5. silencing. The collision between the stainless steel cabinet and hard objects will make a loud noise, and a good stainless steel cabinet will have a sound deadening pad to solve the noise problem.

    6. Future services. The last point is to see the future service. General big brand after-sales service is good.

    Second, stainless steel cabinets maintenance methods:

    1. Avoid touching the table top and door panel with sharp objects to avoid scratches.
    2. Different cleaning methods are used for door panels and countertops of cabinets according to different materials.
    3. Avoid hot pots when using. Hot kettles are in direct contact with cabinets and are best placed on the pot rack.
    4. Avoid direct placement of dyes or hair dyes on countertops, and chemicals can erode countertops made of many materials.